GrS Montréal surgeons meet the most recent Standards of Care established by WPATH.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

WPATH is an international association of professionals who collaborate to develop recommendations, standards, and guidelines and who contribute to the development of policies, professional education programs, and clinical studies for the health of trans and gender diverse people. WPATH Standards of Care, Version 8, published in 2022 are the most recent.

Consult WPATH’s Standards of Care, Version 8

For GrS Montréal, the preoperative process is not limited to the Standards of Care. In order to ensure a safe perioperative process, GrS Montréal will ensure to ask you, for any additional information considered essential and relevant to the evaluation of your case, and this, from your first communications with our team. Contributing to the success of your transition and to your gender affirming surgery is a source of motivation for our multidisciplinary team. This motivation is reflected in the support we offer our patients during the surgical step of their journey. Our expertise and experience allow us to offer the best care and services and guide you to the appropriate resources when necessary.

Your surgeon will remain involved in monitoring your care and treatment in relation to your surgery for as long as necessary.

Light bulb iconEach Canadian province or territory has its own surgery reimbursement program. Please note that while GrS Montréal team meets the most recent WPATH Standards of Care, your particular province’s program may require you to provide them with additional or different documents than those requested by our team. You can find information from your provincial government. If you are an American citizen or a citizen of another country, check with the health department of your state or provincial government or your insurance company.