Male to Female / MTF / MTX / Non-Binary

Several surgical procedures are available to help you achieve your desired physical appearance goals. Our surgeons will listen to your needs and answer all of your questions.

Patients who wish to undergo surgery with a surgeon from GrS Montréal must meet the criteria set by WPATH.

Important note - Light bulb IconImportant: All surgeries come with the risk of complications. Your surgeon will discuss this with you at the appropriate time. GrS Montréal surgeons work continually to prevent the risks through the development and maintenance of safe surgical practices. Additionally, pre and postoperative treatment and follow-up plans allow for early detection and management of complications that may arise. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you read the documentation provided to you, as well as information found on our Website, to gather all available information to make an informed decision about undergoing surgery.

The surgeries