Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity

Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity is the surgical procedure to create female genitalia that look as natural as possible, but without creating a vaginal cavity.

The decision to undergo a vaginoplasty with or without a vaginal cavity is a personal one, and must be made in accordance with your needs and expectations.

Our team of surgeons uses the same surgical technique as that used in a vaginoplasty, but without constructing a vaginal cavity. Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity is done in one surgery including the autograft of a neurovascular flap of the glans that will serve to create a sensitive clitoris. By improving this technique, Dr. Brassard has redefined the standards of vaginoplasty, earning GrS Montréal consideration as one of the world’s best centres in the field of male-to-female gender affirming surgery.

Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity surgery can be performed at the same time as other procedures.  

Expected results:

  • A clitoris made with the sensitive skin of the glans;
  • A clitoral hood;
  • A vulva equipped with labia majora and minora;
  • Clitoral erogenous zones with the possibility of sexual pleasure.

During the procedure, the surgeon will:

  • Remove the scrotal skin;
  • Remove the testicles;
  • Dissect the internal structures of the penis taking care to separate the urethra, the corpus cavernosum, and at the same time release a flap consisting of blood vessels and nerve endings:
    • The corpus cavernosa will be removed;
    • Some of the blood vessels and nerve endings will be released to create the clitoris. A cone-shaped piece of skin will be taken directly from the glans to form the clitoris. The clitoris will be positioned and fixed. The urethra will be dissected; the remaining tissue will be preserved to line the inside of the labia minora, providing a more natural result than if a skin graft was used;
  • Create the labia majora.

*A vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity is an option if you have had a prostatectomy following prostate cancer. 

Benefits of this surgical technique:

  • A surgical technique in one single surgery;
  • The use of existing tissue to construct the minutiae of the vulva (labia majora and minora,clitoris, clitoral hood) eliminates strain on the tissue forming the new genitals.

* The appearance of the genitals will be very different from person to person. Some people have a more rounded mons pubis, less protruding clitoris, fuller labia majora, or labia minora of varying sizes.

Postoperative care:

During your convalescence, you will be provided with the document Information and Postoperative Care – Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity. This document contains your surgeon’s instructions and will serve as a guide.

Download the documentInformation and Postoperative Care – Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavityDownload the documentInformation and Postoperative Care – Vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity.


The surgical procedure, your stay and convalescence

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Convalescence at Asclépiade

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Medical follow-ups and appointments: Asclépiade provides personalized postoperative follow-ups to all patients. You will be getting a follow-up appointment with your surgeon one month after your surgery. If you cannot come to your appointment, your attending physician can follow-up with our surgeons by contacting the Asclépiade.