Adam's Apple Reduction

An Adam’s Apple reduction (or chondrolaryngoplasty) is a surgical procedure that can permanently remove the visible bulge in the throat.

Minor procedure

This is a minor procedure leaving only a small horizontal scar in a natural fold of neck skin, leaving it barely visible.

An Adam’s Apple reduction does not change the tone of one’s voice; this is accomplished through voice surgery.

An Adam’s Apple reduction may be performed at the same time as other procedures.

* Due to multiple factors that are unique to each individual, results may vary from one person to another. Be assured that our surgical team works with each patient individually to achieve the best results possible.

The surgical procedure, your stay and convalescence

Average length of the procedure

Admission to the CMC



Convalescence at Asclépiade

Convalescence at home

Return to physical activities and sports

30 to 45 minutes The day of the surgery Local or general

None - Outpatient surgery

None None Immediately

Medical follow-ups and appointments: Asclépiade provides personalized postoperative follow-ups to all patients. You will be getting a follow-up appointment with your surgeon one month after your surgery. If you cannot come to your appointment, your attending physician can follow-up with our surgeons by contacting the Asclépiade.